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Product Description

-Increased blood flow to erectile tissue.

-Increased natural testosterone production.

-Improved sex drive.

-Improved prostate health.

-Improved erectile function.

-Increased libido.

-Increased nitric oxide production.

Kytry™ was designed to help men with erectile dysfunction by helping them get and maintain an erection. Millions of men have discovered how to achieve firmer, fuller stronger and larger erections with Kytry™, a non prescription supplement for natural male enhancement.

What is erection quality (EQ)?

In market research, men identified three things as essential elements of achieving a satisfactory erection, including:

-The ability to attain an erection

-Erection hardness

-The ability to maintain it for satisfactory sex

Taken together these make up erection quality (EQ).

Many men have been, or will be, concerned with the quality of their erection at some time in their life. It may be an occasional difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection; it could be an erection that is just not as hard as it once was; or it may be a consistent inability to achieve an erection.

It is estimated that over 30 million men in the US have experienced at least partial erectile dysfunction (ED). You are not alone if you experience a loss of erectile function.

Fortunately, if you`ve noticed changes in your erection there is something you can do about it, talk to your doctor.

Kytry™ reliably improved erectile function for a majority of men with ED.

How an erection works.

When you are sexually stimulated, your penis becomes erect as blood flow increases into two large chambers called the corpora cavernosa. As these chambers swell, they press against the veins that usually let blood out of the penis, trapping the blood inside.

Generally, this system works well. But a number of things can interfere with it, mostly health issues that affect your circulation.

Rubus coreanus Miquel

Rubus coreanus Miquel is used to cure the involuntary emission of semen, incontinence of urine and the seminal loss during a lascivious dream. The ingredient of the Rubus coreanus Miquel; the tartaric acid and citric acid, vitamin A and B, and vitamin C degree it contains.


Rhodiola rosea is a legendary adaptogenic tonifier that comes from the polar arctic regions of Eastern Siberia. Rhodiola extracts might help protect cells from damage, regulate heartbeat, and have the potential for improving learning and memory. Rhodiola rosea is a popular plant in traditional medical systems in Eastern Europe and Asia with a reputation for stimulating the nervous system, decreasing depression, enhancing work performance, eliminating fatigue, and preventing high altitude sickness. Rhodiola rosea has been categorized as an adaptogen by Russian researchers due to its observed ability to increase resistance to a variety of chemical, biological, and physical stressors. Its claimed benefits include antidepressant, anticancer, cardioprotective, and central nervous system enhancement. Research also indicates great utility in asthenic conditions (decline in work performance, sleep difficulties, poor appetite, irritability, hypertension, headaches, and fatigue) developing subsequent to intense physical or intellectual strain. The adaptogenic, cardiopulmonary protective, and central nervous system activities of Rhodiola rosea have been attributed primarily to its ability to influence levels and activity of monoamines and opioid pep ides such as beta-endorphins.

Cornus officinalis Siebold et Zucc(Shan Zhu Yu)

Cornus fruit grow in the provinces of Chekiang, Anhwei, Honan, Shensi, and Shansi. It collect in the fall time when the fruits are matured. Use the meat of the fruit, dried by heat or sunshine. Effects;To resplenish the immune system and to promote the production of antibodies. Adjust the function of hypothalamus?pituitary ? adrenal gland. Adjust the autonomic system to influence the sexual function. Diuretic and hypotensive.To promote the action of antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer. Throughout Chinese history, most Chinese emperors lived a relatively short life, partly because of their involvements in hectic politics and partly because of their excessive indulgence in sex. However, an emperor named Qian Long of the Chin Dynasty (1644-1911) was recorded to have lived the longest life of all the Chinese emperors prior to his time, dying at the age of 90. Many Chinese physicians have attributed Qian Long's longevity to his regular consumption of many herbs, but most notably, cornel fruit and morinda root. A very famous herbal formula, Rehmannia Six combination, contains mainly Cornel fruit.

Polygonum multiflorum Thunberg(He Shou Wu)

He Shou Wu, also known as Polygonum Multiflorum Root, or Fo-Ti, is a favored rejuvenating tonic in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It is used to increase and maintain energy and vigor, is beneficial to the musculoskeletal system and is used for aging - especially graying hair. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, the yin (body fluids) and yang (fire of life) forces of the body must exist in harmony and balance, or negative health effects may arise. In the event of a yin or yang deficiency, the body may utilize precious vital energy in an attempt to overcome the imbalance. This use of energy, in turn, may bring about a qi deficiency, which affects the body`s ability to age gracefully. He shou wu herb (Polygonum multiflorum root) roughly translates into “Black hair Mr. He”, since many Chinese have used this ancient herb to relieve body stress associated with normal aging and graying of hair. He Shou Wu is taken by mature Chinese men and women to revitalize the body and compensate for common qi imbalances associated with aging. This unique Chinese herbal formula tonifies qi, nourishes hair, relieves stress and helps make you look and feel younger. He Shou Wu is recommended for long-term use to optimize hair and body nourishment in qi deficient individuals.

Eucommia ulmoides Oliver

Eucommia ulmoides oliver, a rare and special tree in china, with more then 2000 years history, which has the effects of postponing ageing and improving health. Eucommia ulmoides oliver is a pure natural health product with eucommia ulmoides oliver male flower pistil as material which contains xylogen, iridoid and eutigoside activesubstances. Its functions and effects are as follows:

1) Controlling blood pressure and blood-fat

2) Adjusting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions

3) Postponing ageing and keep beautiful and young

4) Effect of reducing weight

5) Anti-fatigue

6) Improving immunity function

7) Soothing the nerves and promoting Sleeping

8) Stimulating pituitary-adrenal gland cortex and strengthening adrenal gland cortex functions

9) Regulate estrogen

10) Detoxifcation and anti-tumor activity

Cuscuta japonica Choisy

Cuscuta are usually annual, obligate parasites lacking chlorophyll. The stems twine around a host, producing haustoria that attach to the host stem and extract nutrients (unlike root parasites such as Striga and Orobanche). The genus comprises ca. 170 species. Some are specific to a few hosts, while some parasitize many species. The Cuscuta fruit matures at the same time as the host fruit, so the two are harvested together. Cuscuta seed contamination of crop seeds is very common, and is the major means of spread. Separation is difficult when Cuscuta seeds are the same size and shape as host seeds such as those of legumes. These parasites are common agricultural weeds throughout the world, causing reductions in yield of many crops and, if infestations are heavy, death of the host. Cuscuta can excite the uterus muscles of the experimental animals, and also can improve the contraction of heart. Sexual dysfunctions such as Impotence and seminal emission. Frequency of urination. Soreness of back. Leukorrhea. Threatened abortion.

Schizandra chinensis Baillon

Schizandreae Chinensis has a well recognized history in traditional Chinese medicine. It grows in the Eastern regions of Siberia, China, Japan, and Korea. Its roots, the stem, and its leaves have a strong citric fragrance and therefore in Russia it is known as little lemon tree. Its properties as a primary (energizing) adaptogen explain why a range of physical, chemical, and emotional impacts increase, while the regulation of physiological processes is improved. Experimental evidence suggests that Schizandrae has hepatoprotective effects and acts as a strong energizer and antioxidant

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