Dicapac WP One Waterproof Dig Camera w/optical lens (160x105mm)


General Dicapac Technical Data
WP410 for use on small & medium size digital camera with normal optical zoom lens

DICAPac WP-410 Waterproof Digital Camera Case for Cameras w/ Zoom Lens

Ever want to capture an incredible shot, but you don?t have a waterproof digital camera? No worries. You don?t need one. All you need is the Dicapac WP40 Waterproof Case for Digital Cameras. The Dicapac WP410 is waterproof up to 10m underwater, and can be used to photograph various aquatic recreations. Made with a double roll and Velcro zipper system, it will protect your camera from water, sand, dust, snow, mud and more. Now you don?t have to limit your snapshots to only the indoors. Capture clear and crisp photos outdoors as well ? in any environmental situation or beautiful scenery. This waterproof case comes with a UV coating lens and will fit almost any digital camera.

What Is It & Why You Need It

  • Easy to insert camera and with protective material that permit trouble-free photo shots.

Detailed Features

A Closer Look


  • Waterproof in 10m deep underwater (JIS IPX8)
  • Possible to use with or without optical lens protector
  • Various sizes for different camera sizes
  • Clear filming using a UV Coating Polycarbonate lens cap

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